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Owner, Vital Energetics
Boise, Idaho

Dawn Aiken is a dual-certified Internal Medicine Hospitalist and Acute Care Cardiac Nurse Practitioner. Her experience as an active frontline provider in Idaho’s largest acute care hospital inspired her to establish Flourish Idaho Functional Medicine, whose sole focus is to reverse the devastating effects of disease. Dawn’s pioneering protocols produced results that are unprecedented and included the world’s only BioRegenesis technology, The RASHA™.
Based upon her protocol’s success, and in service to humanity, Dawn founded Vital Energetics to ensure any individual in the world seeking BioRegenesis self-healing has access to this cutting-edge technology.

In addition to helping her worldwide clients self-heal with the help of The RASHA, Dawn owns and operates her private medical practice, Flourish Idaho Functional Medicine.


These luminaries, allied with Vital Energetics, are stationed across the nation, poised to guide you on your quantum wellness journey. 

Each team member brings their unique expertise and passion to aid in fostering a deep, meaningful connection with your energetic self.

Whitney Holbook

Vital Energetics Texas
RASHA™ Guardian
Houston, Texas

Whitney Holbrook

Whitney is a holistic health coach helping clients achieve their full potential. She specializes in the latest healing modalities and technologies to support clients on their wellness journey. Whitney uses cutting-edge research and Quantum Self-Healing technologies like the RASHA™ and IMAET biofield scanner to gain insight into her clients' needs and imbalances.

Her approach focuses on consciousness-coherence, frequency raising techniques, and harnessing the power of mind-body connection to self-heal.

Whitney believes that by increasing awareness, aligning our frequency, and tapping into our own inner wisdom, we have the power to heal ourselves from the inside out. Her goal is to empower clients to take control of their health and live their most vibrant lives.

Katie Packwood

RASHA™ Guardian
Eagle, Idaho

Katie Packwood

Katie is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner who specializes in neurofeedback, Alpha/Theta neuromeditation, PSYCH-K, and The RASHA™. She empowers her clients to better understand themselves in order to transform their mental, emotional, and physical health.

The powerful technologies she uses help people to more easily access nervous system states that promote self-healing. Her services are not only for those dealing with intense stress, illness or trauma, but for anyone wanting to elevate their mindset to manifest their desired goals.

Katie owns and operates Neurofeedback Boise and is passionate about bringing like-minded health professionals together via The Luminous 12 collective.

Corleigh Green

RASHA™ Guardian
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Corleigh Green

Corleigh is a licensed Therapeutic/Medical Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Heart Centered Therapy and RASHA™ Guardian. Corleigh listens and follows the guidance of her client’s own innate inner healers-their Inner Wisdom. Corleigh specializes in guided meditation finding the Inner Wisdom’s perfect treatment plan to find optimal health and balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Corleigh’s goal is to offer a safe and empowering healing space for each and every client as they move through their healing process and find alignment with their soul purpose.

Corleigh owns and operates Green Wellness in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
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